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Smart - Glamorous -Beautiful -Passionate-Lovely-

That's You!  At Wax Me Too  
                              ~About Us at Wax Me Too~

Brazilian waxing is our specialty. At Wax Me Too Salons, the Brazilian- Bikini wax is our number 1 requested service.  Why?  Because we are each trained in the art of full body waxing and employ "The Brazilian Technique--A way to wax that works" and the word has gotten out. 

Don't chance your brazilian bikini wax with a salon whose staff do one to ten brazilians a week, at Wax Me Too Salons, our estheticans do an average of ten brazilian waxes a day!

Each Master Esthetician is hired at Wax Me Too because of their superior skill in waxing and their likeable personalities.  We know that in the waxing room, our clients want to be treated by a vibrant, skilled and knowledgeable as well as likeable Esthetician.

We also guarantee our work 100%.  If for some reason you are not satisfied with your wax, we will offer you a full refund.  Our clients make our business and we will treat them like gold!

Still not convinced...Click on this link to see the top reasons why Wax Me Too Salon is Utah's premier full body and brazilian waxing salon!     Why Wax at Wax Me Too 

You won't find icky wax pots dripping with wax in our salons.  You won't find sticky floors or dirty white sheets covering the beds...looking as if the last client climbed off and you were invited to climb on.  You won't find us busy on our cell phones or in a rush to do your waxing.  You won't see us start our waxing without first washing our hands or putting on gloves.  You won't find us double dipping into the wax pots.

You will find an inviting esthetician who is happy to see you, be it your first visit or your 2oth.  You will be educated on how to care for your skin and what types of things should be prevented before and after waxing.  You will notice that we are accomplished in the Brazilian wax because we have identified a new and better way to wax than anyone has done before.  We call it "THE BRAZILIAN TECHNIQUE" and if I may say so myself...we are GREAT at it! 

You will also notice that we will always break out our tweezers and have you help us look for any hairs that "thought" they could hide from the wax!  And we promise you will love your service with us.  Because, if you don't, we will do everything in our power to make right anything you think may have gone wrong.

In the two years that we've been open, we've seen a lot of our competition come and go...we've seen a lot of companies copy from our website, use our marketing materials, and try to identify themselves after us.  We consider this a most sincere form of flattery albeit, a slightly aggravating one :)

Each esthetican that works at Wax Me Too is especially trained in "The Brazilian Technique"  She must pass rigorous -hands on- training in our methods before taking clients in our stores.  You can be sure that you will get the same great service at each of our locations with any of our wonderful team members

The Differences Between A
Master Esthetician And An Esthetician!

In order to be a certified "Master" Esthetician one must take 1200 hours of skin care study from an accredited school AND pass a state board exam!  An esthetican must take 600 hours of skin care and pass a less intense exam.

Why allow anyone but the best to work on your skin?

At Wax Me Too--we are  licensed, state board certified...the real thing.
The "Master" Esthetician!

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