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The Gazillionth Brazilian

The other day I asked Joann, my business partner, just how many Brazilian waxes did she think our salon did each month? In all honesty, when it comes to the numbers side of our business I tend to defer to my mathematically astute sidekick.

She pondered my question for a moment, frowned, looked up to the ceiling, scrunched her shoulders and said eventually, "Well Jolie, September was a little bit slow. I would say that between our two stores, we've done just over 500 this month."

When my jaw hit the floor, Joann wax quick to point out, "Don't be disappointed. Remember September typically slows down when kids go back to school and moms haven't quite figured out what to do with themselves. Last year, October through February were crazy busy, not to mention what summer brought about."

Disappointed? I was anything but.

500 Brazilians! Not quite a gazillion... but seriously folks. No wonder I was so exhausted.

I grabbed for a piece of chocolate that we keep hidden in the drawer underneath the credit card machine--kept for moments such as this when a little extra substance is needed...hey, some of you think it should be scotch AND you know who you are. With 500 Brazilian waxes floating around in my brain, I needed the chocolate fix. Biting into my Snickers, I couldn't help but think that it wasn't quite the end of the month and I knew that I had 11 Brazilian waxes scheduled for the next day. Joann had 12! And, downtown was booked.

500 seems like a lot. But, when I stopped to think about you, all of my clients, I realized how much you have brought into my life through your monthly visits. It's like girlfriend talk time... all the time. And, putting faces to the number 500 was even better than seeing on Facebook, how many "friends" you have.

We estheticians-waxers- are a curious breed. Many of you can't believe what we do most of our day and why we've chosen (Brazilian) waxing as a way to make our living.

But being women, we like to communicate and talk and share. I know so much about you and your happiness's and joys, your trials and tribulations. I look forward to work each day because I know it's the time to catch up on the goings ons. Some days, my jaw hurts from laughing. Other days, when life isn't so great for some of you, I agonize over your husbands job loss or your child's hurt feelings at school.

Because Brazilian waxing is such an intimate service, clients need to feel comfortable and connected to the person wielding the wax. At our salon, we hire our estheticians based on their personalities just as equally as their waxing abilities. You gotta be able to laugh and bring some comic relief into a first timers Brazilian wax.

Okay, back to the 500 -the gazillion Brazilians. I could write a book...but I won't. I promise. But I do have some hilarious stories to share about some pretty funny Brazilian waxing experiences that I heard within my walls. No names of course. We must protect the innocent!

Here's one many of you can probably relate with. Your first Brazilian wax. You have no one to blame. You did it to YOURSELF.

One of my clients... bought the kit from the beauty supply store, went home and eagerly read the directions from top to bottom. She couldn't wait to surprise her husband when he came home from work. Her toddler was engrossed in Dora the Explorer while my client went to work. Into the microwave went the wax....then using a spatula, she spread it all over her Brazilian area. (Luckily she only had first degree burns) With a deep breath, she grabbed onto the wax and was ready to pull it off! She couldn't do it. She gave a little tug and yelped as pain shot through her. The wax didn't come off...of course...neither did the hair. She spent the next two hours in the bathtub with fingernail scissors cutting the wax from her body.  The next day, she came into Wax Me Too!

We have another client who decided to try out her first Brazilian wax with the encouragement of her best friend. She booked a service at an "in home" salon and showed up to the front door with much apprehension. She was right to be nervous. After ringing the front doorbell and being met by an enormous barking dog and a tiny elderly esthetician, she was led down a dark hallway to a small room in the basement. There she was told to "strip" and hop up onto the bed on all fours. This estie started with the rear first. (just a little FYI...we will never, ever, ask you to get into this awkward and uncomfortable position) Our client did as she was told, hopped up onto the bed and spent the next half hour staring at a huge family portrait...eventually recognizing one of the men in the portrait as an old boyfriend!

And here is a cheeky one:

One of our clients found us at WMT after having a very "sticky" experience at another waxing salon. As she tells it...not knowing what to expect, she went for her first Brazilian on the advice of a co-worker. She scheduled her wax after work AND before a big date with a hottie. The wax seemed to go okay but when it was all over, she was told to go ahead and get dressed...she was finished. She found this a little strange because there was no clean up or post waxing solution applied. When the last strip had been pulled off, she was told her service was over. She dressed and was immediately uncomfortable because she had a large amount of wax stuck to her nether regions. She didn't have time to go home and shower, so she sucked it up and went on her date. Half way through the evening, her cheeks (and in between) started to sting. Excusing herself, she went to the ladies room and found her cheeks stuck together and stuck to her thong! She said she barely made it through the rest of the dinner and could hardly sit still through dessert. She ended the date earlier than expected and was sad to think she'd never seen her date again. But, in her mortification she just couldn't tell him what had happened.

The great ending to this story is, not that she found us at Wax Me Too, but that when she tells this story, it is often in conjunction with the question, how did you meet your husband? That's right. He was fortunately persistent and relieved when he found out their date hadn't ended early because of broccoli in his teeth, but rather wax in her crack.

On a more serious note, while these stories are funny, I just want to let all of you know how seriously Joann and I take our business at Wax Me Too.  As working master estheticians, we were not surprised when it became apparent that Brazilian waxing was the “IT” in salon services.

We then made it our goal to create a salon that offered the most complete, the best, the cleanest, the most comfortable brazilian waxing service possible. We also listened. To you, to our valued clients. We hear what you like-- what you don’t like, what you want and what you don’t want. (That in itself is a whole other story!)

Off now to my real life with kids and dinner and homework (hey so unfair, I already did the 5th grade)

Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow…which is a Wednesday…and the day that Joann and I work all day together in Draper….she is in Wax Me Too, and I in Wax Me Two Too and she, like me, can’t wait to see all of you and get caught up on life “in between” your waxes!


We have contests and
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Who Should You Trust To Preform Your Waxing it Brazilian or Eyebrow Design by Jolie Arsenault

We all can agree that waxing, especially the most requested waxing--the Brazilian--can be a little intimidating and nerve wrecking that first time.  That is why choosing your waxer is not as easy as going to the phone book and saying eeney meeny miny mo!

You want your hair removal treatment to be done by the most professional and experienced waxer you can find. 

In the state of Utah there are three licensed professionals allowed to wax. 

1. A Cosmetologist  (Thank goodness for them because I always want the hair on my head looking its best!)

2. An Esthetican. He/She has spent 600 hours in school learning the basics of skin care.

3. A "Master Esthetician". A Master Esthetician has taken his/her training to the next level and has spent an additional 600 hours in school refining their skills and knowledge.  Because of their specialized training in skin care and hair removal, choosing a "Master" Esthetician to become your body waxer may eliminate your chances of receiving a bad service.

As you are looking for that perfect person, you may want to:

Talk to your friends about their experience with hair removal providers.  Talk to the person next to you on Trax.  Chances are they've had a brazilian and would be happy to share their story.  (you know I'm just kidding here)

Verify your waxers credentials! Don't be afraid to ask.  Most master estheticans are more than happy tell you about their education because it is really an accomplishment!  

You want to
make sure the person you plan on going to is licensed and you want to understand what type of license they have. Are they a hair stylist professional, a nail care professional or a skincare professional?

How much do they know?  Now is your chance to pretend you are a licensing inspector!  Ask away.  They should be able to answer all your questions with expertise and knowledge and put you at ease about the waxing treatment.

How many people have they actually waxed?  How many brows, how many brazilians??....especially how many brazilians if that is the service you are going in for. I can't even begin to tell you how many clients have shared with us some of their scary past brazilian experience within our walls. 

Don't be a afraid to ask your waxer if this is her first brazilian or her gazillionth brazilian!

When going to a salon for your first waxing make sure you ask questions and don't be afraid to inspect!

For sure, check out the facility.  The treatment room should be clean.  If your foot gets stuck to the floor as you walk in because of wax build up...RUN.  Don't worry about the shoe, you can replace it. 

Seriously, the room should be clean, it should smell nice, sheets should be laundered and fresh.  You may want to check that the equipment being used is disposable or properly sanitized.  One more big rule...if you see a wax pot that has wax drippings all down the sides and a stick in the wax pot, you may want to ask...was that stick used on the client before me?  If the answer is yes...I'll say it again.  RUN!

You know you are getting a good service when that paralyzing fear diminishes after you meet your waxer.  She should put you at ease with her expertise and demeanor.  She will question you about products you use on your skin, she should  then give you some privacy while you change (if removal of clothing is required) and then she should wash her hands before donning gloves and getting to work. 

When your service is over, you know you've gotten a good service when a) all the hair is gone b) you are actually excited to tell the world about your wax and c) you know you'll be back for your next wax!

Of course, we hope that you choose us at Wax Me Too for all your waxing needs! 

Click here to be directed to "that first time brazilian wax" story

We have contests and
drawings and deals to our
facebook friends!

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