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"All I can say is that you get what you pay for! My first instinct was to go to a place a little bit cheaper but my husband said no way. When it comes to a wax in "that" area, you go to the best no matter what the cost! I almost didn't go to Wax Me Too because of the 5 dollar difference (another local salon is 5 dollars cheaper) Anyway, my impressions of Wax Me Too...first they are located inside Image Studios which is a beautiful building with crystal chandeliers(very upscale and modern) Wax Me Too itself has 3 treatment rooms and the estheticians were all happy and everyone was joking and smiling and even the clients were hugging the estheticans when they left. The treatment room was spotless and smelled really clean and good. My brazillian wax was FAST! She even plucked a few hairs (that I couldn't see but she could) to make sure my wax was perfect. She apologized for being a perfectionist! I was glad she was. This is the BEST place to wax in Utah."

"I got my first Brazilian Wax done this past Saturday…today is Monday and I can't tell you how wonderful it is.  I am a bigger woman and was very anxious about getting this done.  Madi was a total professional!  She was so great and when I left, I felt like a million bucks!  My husband LOVES it, if you know what I mean!  I won't go anywhere else.  Don't go anywhere else!  Thanks for the great service!  We love you!"- Mary J.

"I have been getting Brazilians for nearly a decade, and I have never had a better experience. Joann is professional, reassuring and thorough! I will never go anywhere else, and I am definitely recommending Wax Me Too, to all my friends. Thanks again!"  -Jessica

"I just had my first brazilian waxing done by Sally and I LOVE it.  She was excellent at waxing and made me very comfortable.  She understood my sensitive skin and made sure I knew all I needed to know."

"Joann is the best!!! I had my first brazilian done a few months ago and now I'm totally hooked :) She is such a professional and really put my mind at ease the first time that I came in. I will absolutely never go anywhere else and recommend her to anyone - especially first timers!"

"I wanted to send you a thank you for the freedom that you have given me! I am so thankful to have found you to wax my hairy face! No one knows what that is like unless they have actually experienced it."

"I have used everything under the sun to get rid of my facial hair and I have struggled with it most of my life. FINALLY, I found you and WAX ME TOO! Whatever you use to get rid of the hair is fabulous! My face always looks beautiful when I leave from your salon and I feel good enough to go anywhere and do anything. Again, only women who understand what it is like to have a problem with facial will understand what I am talking about. You have made such a big difference in my life! I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Before I started getting my face waxed by you, I avoided being seen close up in the sunlight etc…. Since I have been using you to get rid of the “problem” I feel free to be seen by all!!!!!Thank you so much and I will see you soon!" - Debra R

"I wanted to get in for a brazilian wax here because I heard (or overheard I should say) some girls talking at a party and I called to make a last minute appointment. They were pretty booked but told me that someone would come in early (7:00 am ) because they were booked from 8 on. The night before I had to cancel cuz my daughter got sick and when I called they were so nice and told me not to worry. They then were able to see me the next day, on Sunday. I was very appreciative because a) I really wanted the wax due to it being my anniversary this week and b) they were able to work with my schedule and c) they were able to do my waxing on a Sunday. My waxing was very professional and I must say, just like they claim, it was complete. Not a hair was left! You can't go wrong going to Wax Me Too." 

"I am SO impressed. I went in to see Jolie for a brazilian wax. She was recommended to me from a friend who used to visit her at Salon of Italy and now sees her in Draper. Well, Jolie did a fantastic job. Not a hair was left!!! She talked to me the whole time and totally put me at ease. The Body Boutique is darling....they also sell this fabulous makeup that makes your skin feel like silk. I think they have a great referral if you read this review and book an appointment, make sure you tell her that Janet sent you."

"I just had my first ever brazillian wax at Wax Me Too's Body boutique. My esthetician was Jolie and she was fabulous. It was quick and not that painful. I thought the boutique was adorable and I was put immediately at ease. Jolie also did my eyebrows and underarms. The wax she uses left very little redness to my skin. She also used a cool washcloth on the bikini area where the sting was the most. I am so excited to have found this place. You can't go wrong."

"I am addicted to brazillian waxing. I've been to 5, I said 5 different places in Salt Lake city before finding Wax Me Too. The other four places were a joke. One place, I was given a 10 minute brazillian and the esthician waxed me using the same stick out of a CROCKPOT. The next place I went to the girl who waxed me did not do the back. Seriously folks, a brazillian wax includes the crack. I have been left black and blue, bruised, and with way too much hair. THEN I heard about Wax Me Too--I tried it and I will never go anywhere else or see anyone else. Every hair was removed! I had no bruising. The place was spotless. I know I am not getting germs from anyone else because the sticks were disposable. They went into the pot once, onto my skin, and into the trash."

"I am SO glad I found these reviews. I had a body waxing done a year ago at Salon of Italy with Joann. Then, I wanted to do it again but called Salon of Italy and she was not there. I found this review and found her. I totally recommend Wax Me Too. I had a great experience with them. They were very accommodating about working around my schedule and very nice when I went in for my waxing. Don't be fooled and go to Salon Italy, because the best waxer is Joann at Wax Me Too!"

"I am a student and live in Provo. I wanted a brazilian wax and so I looked on the net and found this place. At first I was worried that would be too far of a drive but I really really wanted someone who knew what they were doing to do my wax. The drive was not bad. It was pretty easy once I got on I15. And, the wax was great. I am glad I did my first brazilian here. I will never go anywhere else."

"I used to go to SALON OF ITALY for all my waxing and facials with these ladies and then one day they were gone. I made my husband search for them on the internet and voila...he found them. Their small boutique is very quaint and personable. If you want a great brazilian, look no further."

"I found this place on the net and was impressed with their wedding page. I called and made an appointment with Joann. I wanted a brazilian wax for my honeymoon and was very nervous. She made me feel great and not scared. The wax went well and I can't wait until my honeymoon! It was easier than I thought (I'd heard some pretty scary stories about waxing gone wrong in salt lake). Anyway, she also shaped my eyebrows and gave me a free underarm wax ...just because. I highly recommend this place."

"I will never go anywhere else for my waxing.  I met with Joann because I was very nervous about having a brazilian and I have to say, she immediately put me at ease.  She showed me the waxes she uses (2 different kinds) for comfort!  My brazilian was quick, not too painful, and best of all, she chatted the whole time which took my mind off the service.  The studio is very clean and cute and the service outstanding."

"Joann and Jolie are absolute ANGELS!!!! These two amazing ladies graciously donated their time to Juan Diego High School Graduates last weekend.  They went into lock down with 200 students and managed to not only survive but to come out with rave reviews.  They worked on dozens of students (guys and gals alike) and every single one of them wasecstatic with the results.  I too managed to get my brows waxed (for the first time ever) and felt like I had just had an eye lift after they finished up.  No redness, swelling or pain. WOW!!! these two definitely put the Master in master esthetician!!!!!"

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