Male Waxing
Men, you are not alone in your quest for the perfect place in which to wax!  You do,though, have a million more questions than any female client:)
Here are just a few...

1. What is the most requested male service?

The most requested male services are in this order:

  • Back waxing
  • Chest waxing
  • Full body waxing
  • Brazilian waxing
  • Full leg waxing
  • Full arm waxing
  • Eyebrow waxing (okay seriously guys...the unibrow is not in and we can help)

2. What kind of guys are coming in to get waxed?

All Guys.
Body builders and Cyclists
Married men, not married men, engaged men
Bikers and hikers
Military men; those who have been to Iraq (thank you ) those who have not (still... thank you for your commitment to defending our great nation)
Dancers, models and artists
College men, business men, Gamers

3.How often do I need to come in for waxing?


For best results (and what you want...thin regrowth and less hair!) we would like to see you every 4 to 5 weeks. 

4. Does waxing hurt?

Umm, that would be YES.
But calm down, there is a disclaimer here.

Think about it...what are we doing?  We are pulling hair from its follicle out of your body. So yes, it does hurt.  But, just how much is relative.  What is your pain tolerance?  Do you cry when you rip off a bandage?

Hair removal through waxing is like ripping off a bandage.  There is a quick sting and then it is over.  The more you wax, the less it stings BECAUSE once we get the majority of hair removed from your body and you come in every 4 to 5 weeks...the hair growth is thin and sparse. Thin sparse hair is not as painful to remove as thick dense hair.  Does it hurt?  Yes.  Do we have tricks to ease the pain.  Yes. Is it gonna kill you?  NO. See you soon.

5. Which type of waxing is the most painful?


Well, I am not a guy but according to our clients, the most painful waxing is Chest Waxing.  We have done some research and have found that the reason behind this could be because  the area between skin and hair follicle is thin.

We recommend that anyone who is considering Chest Waxing and has a lot of hair in that area, contact us and purchase a wonderful product called PFB.  It is a pre and post waxing solution that seems to help loosen the hair follicle and make the waxing appointment easier.

This product is so amazing that we go through several cases of it each month.  Guys love it, gals love it.  It is specifically designed for razor burn and ingrown hairs but we have found it works wonders in many other departments.

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