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We Love Our BYU Brides

The Brazilian Honeymoon!

No, you don't need a passport because I'm not talking about going to Brazil. 

We have many brides call us because they are anxious to have a brazilian waxing service done right before their big day and night! 

A brazilian wax is sexy and fun and very exciting. 

We do, however, recommend that you don't leave this treatment until the last minute. 

Come and see us 4-6 weeks before your wedding for  your first waxing experience. 

The reason for this lies in the fact that the first time you have a brazilian or bikini, your skin can be a little tender. 

Having done at least one wax before your wedding also grants you peace of mind.  You know what to expect!

For best results, ie: less hair and slower regrowth... it is a great idea to have 1 to 2 waxes under your belt( know what I
mean) before your important day. 

Schedule your second wax 2 to 3 to 4, days before the wedding.

For more on Bridal Brazilian  Waxing here is an interesting article

"The Brazilian Honeymoon & the Utah Bride"

We have contests and
drawings and deals to our
facebook friends!

We offer full body waxing to get you honeymoon ready

Not Just for the Brides:
but the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, mother of the groom and anyone else wanting to look glamerous and lovely for the wedding day!

Eyebrow Design
give yourself an instant eyelift with a brow design from one of our experts

Eyelash Tint
who needs mascara?  Eliminate the need for tissues when you cry at the wedding...

Eyebrow Tint-
  define your eyes by darkening your brows

Call now to speak to one of our Master Estheticians & Expert Waxers on how to best be prepared for your big event.


Texting is ALWAYS an option

But Wait...what if you didn't have "Waxing" in your wedding planner and the big day is just around the corner....?

A number of brides think about their brazilians waxes within a month of their weddings.  Should this be you... no worries, you can still wax. 

We do recommend your waxing be done least 3 to 4 days before the wedding. 

Having never worked with your skin type/hair type before, we will fully educate you on how to care for your newly waxed skin. We will take every precaution with you and educate you on how to care for your skin.

We will also encourage you to purchase our post waxing product PFB ($3.00) which helps your skin to return to its normal state faster than if left untreated!

Just a side note of something very sweet!  Most of the brides who come to our Draper location, come from BYU and the Provo area. We love our BYU brides!  Thank you for making us your number one Waxing Salon

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