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We have many brides call us because they are anxious to have a brazilian waxing service done right before their big day and night!  

A brazilian wax is sexy and fun and very exciting and adds a whole new element to the honeymoon!

We do, however, recommend that you don't leave this treatment until the last minute. And, the fact that you are reading our website is a good sign.  

Leave NOTHING up to chance for your wedding wax, including your waxer and waxing salon!  Choose very thoughtfully ( as Tim Gunn on Project Runway likes to say)

So, glad you are here with us because we pride ourselves on being , not only the 1st waxing only salon in Utah, but the best.

Here are some guidelines.

If you can, come and see us 4-6 weeks before your wedding for your first waxing experience. (need 10 days of hair growth from your last shave)

The reason we'd like to see you a month before your wedding lies in the fact that the first time you have a brazilian or bikini, your skin can be a little tender.  

Having done at least one wax before your wedding also grants you peace of mind.  You know what to expect!

For best results, ie: less hair and slower regrowth... it is a great idea to have 1 to 2 waxes under your belt (haha...you know what I 
mean) before your important day.  

Schedule your 2nd or 3rd wedding wax 2 to 3 to 4, days before the wedding.

Woops, but you are thinking, hey Brazilian waxing wasn't in my wedding planner and my wedding is just a few days away!

You can wax before you wedding, right up to the day of if absolutely necessary.  We do recommend if your first wax is your wedding wax, try to come in at least 3 or 4 days before the wedding.

While it doesn't happen often, but it can happen, a first time waxer can experience some tenderness of skin, some foliculitis and some red bumps.  Until we wax we, we can't know for sure! ( and any waxing salon that tells you otherwise doesn't have your best interest at heart)

More on the Brazilian honeymoon! - The Brazilian Honeymoon & the Utah Bride

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