Funny stories about Brazilian Waxing

I do have some hilarious stories to share about some pretty funny Brazilian waxing experiences that I heard within my walls. No names of course. We must protect the innocent!

Here's one many of you can probably relate with. Your first Brazilian wax. You have no one to blame. You did it to YOURSELF.

One of my clients... bought the kit from the beauty supply store, went home and eagerly read the directions from top to bottom. She couldn't wait to surprise her husband when he came home from work. Her toddler was engrossed in Dora the Explorer while my client went to work. Into the microwave went the wax....then using a spatula, she spread it all over her Brazilian area. (Luckily she only had first degree burns) With a deep breath, she grabbed onto the wax and was ready to pull it off! She couldn't do it. She gave a little tug and yelped as pain shot through her. The wax didn't come off...of course...neither did the hair. She spent the next two hours in the bathtub with fingernail scissors cutting the wax from her body.  The next day, she came into Wax Me Too!

We have another client who decided to try out her first Brazilian wax with the encouragement of her best friend. She booked a service at an "in home" salon and showed up to the front door with much apprehension. She was right to be nervous. After ringing the front doorbell and being met by an enormous barking dog and a tiny elderly esthetician, she was led down a dark hallway to a small room in the basement. There she was told to "strip" and hop up onto the bed on all fours. This estie started with the rear first. (just a little FYI...we will never, ever, ask you to get into this awkward and uncomfortable position) Our client did as she was told, hopped up onto the bed and spent the next half hour staring at a huge family portrait...eventually recognizing one of the men in the portrait as an old boyfriend!

And here is a cheeky one:

One of our clients found us at WMT after having a very "sticky" experience at another waxing salon. As she tells it...not knowing what to expect, she went for her first Brazilian on the advice of a co-worker. She scheduled her wax after work AND before a big date with a hottie. The wax seemed to go okay but when it was all over, she was told to go ahead and get dressed...she was finished. She found this a little strange because there was no clean up or post waxing solution applied. When the last strip had been pulled off, she was told her service was over. She dressed and was immediately uncomfortable because she had a large amount of wax stuck to her nether regions. She didn't have time to go home and shower, so she sucked it up and went on her date. Half way through the evening, her cheeks (and in between) started to sting. Excusing herself, she went to the ladies room and found her cheeks stuck together and stuck to her thong! She said she barely made it through the rest of the dinner and could hardly sit still through dessert. She ended the date earlier than expected and was sad to think she'd never seen her date again. But, in her mortification she just couldn't tell him what had happened.

The great ending to this story is, not that she found us at Wax Me Too, but that when she tells this story, it is often in conjunction with the question, how did you meet your husband? That's right. He was fortunately persistent and relieved when he found out their date hadn't ended early because of broccoli in his teeth, but rather wax in her crack.

On a more serious note, while these stories are funny, I just want to let all of you know how seriously Joann and I as well as our team of 12 estheticians (and one adorable receptionist named Matt)  take our business at Wax Me Too very seriously and our commitment to you is fantastic service and hopefully a few good laughs while in the waxing room!

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