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Contract With Us 

Why a Contractor would want to work for Wax Me Too?

  • work hours are productive sitting around waiting for that walk in eyebrow wax.  You are your own boss, set your own schedule
  • work by appointment only. Use your free time as you like
  • competitive compensation
  • fantastic team to back you up!
  • build clientele quickly
  • a career move, not just a job
  • make great money doing what you love

At Wax Me Too we are committed to helping the Esthetician/Cosmotologist build their own business and become a success woman in this industry.  We will show you what and where others have failed, help you to build a successful and full clientele that you retain, how to successfully interact with your clients and make your business a success!

What we are looking for...
A motivated Utah State Licensed Master Esthetician/Cosmologist  who is skilled and loves waxing! Still in school or close to problem!  We are looking at all applications regardless of experience!  

The way we contract: 
Fill out this form AND in the comments section please tell us about your waxing/salon experience (we do not need to see other job info that does not apply) and more specifically your brazilian waxing experience.

Tell us which location you are interested in working.

You will be contacted by our manager via text message to schedule a short telephone interview.

TEXT 801-898-0086 and tell us your name, how you heard about us, and let us know that you have sent in an email application.  (Ladies, we get so many emails that yours could be easily lost so please let us know that the application has been sent in!)

Qualified applicants will be invited to meet with us at Wax Me Too Draper!

Open interviews will be conducted at our Draper or SLC location.  We ask that you bring in a model to show us how you can wax!

You will have 5 to 15 minutes to show us your brazilian waxing skills.  (it is not necessary to complete a brazilian in 15 minutes...:)  

There will be a 10 to 15 minute interview.

You may be asked back for a second interview!
Thanks for applying :)

Tips for interviewing with us:

  • read our website and learn more about us
  • we use primarily soft wax so be comfortable waxing with soft wax
  • you can bring your own wax if you would like
  • try not to be nervous, we are pretty funny people and love a good laugh
  • know that we sincerely look forward to welcoming new members to our team
  • make sure your model (for brazilian) has at least ten days from her last shave

Contract With Us