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About Us

Brazilian Waxing is Our Specialty.

At Wax Me Too Salons, the Brazilian Bikini wax is our #1 requested service.  Why?  Because we are each trained in the art of full body waxing, especially the Brazilian.  

Don't chance your Brazilian bikini wax with a salon whose staff do 1 a week, when you can come to a Wax Me Too Salon, and be waxed by a Utah licensed professional who does an average of 10 to 20 Brazilans a day!

Our Team

We are here to help you! Each industry specialist is hired at Wax Me Too because of their superior skill in waxing and their likable personalities.  We know that in the waxing room, our clients want to be treated by a vibrant, skilled and knowledgeable as well as personable waxer.

‚ÄčAll Wax Me Too team members are licensed in the state of Utah with DOPL and are Independent Contractors.  Hours and schedules may vary from contractor to contractor but your waxing will always be brilliant!

  • Draper you will find Joann, Jolie, Sally, Mariana and Mary Grace
  • Downtown Salt Lake City our waxers are Juls, Melissa, Tina, Nikki and Mariana.
  • South Jordan we have Bailey and Emma.
  • Layton we have Christine, Anna, Grace and Tina.
  • Orem we have Jessica, Madi, Sophie and Mary Grace.
  • St.George we have Katie.

100% Guarantee

We also guarantee our work 100%.  If for some reason you are not satisfied with your wax, we will offer you a full refund.  Our clients make our business and we will treat them like gold!

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