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The Brazilian Wax

Your First Time & What You Can Expect 

So you want to have a first time brazilian wax, but wait...it's kind of scary. Chances are you've done your research and have landed here at Wax Me Too, Utah's premier waxing salon.  It's no joke when I say we do several thousand brazilian waxes each month!  Waxing is what we do, all day long, so we promise - you will be in great hands.    You may have a lot of questions and some expectations about this whole process so the point of this article is to put you at ease and to let you know what you can expect when getting a wax at any Wax Me Too Salon. 

Step 1 - You Arrive to the Salon 

Upon arrival you will be given a consent to wax form and asked to fill it out. This form will alert your waxer to any contraindications or special concerns you may have about waxing.  We will want to know if you've waxed before, if you had any negative reactions to waxing, and most importantly, if you are on any medications that could cause your skin to react to the wax! We want this experience to be the best possible - and this client form is of the utmost importance. 

Step 2 - Welcome to the Treatment Room 

After this, your waxer will show you into the treatment room which is esthetically "cute" if I may say so myself...yet clinically clean.  The treatment table will be covered with fresh and laundered towels (for your modesty) and a environmentally friendly and comfortable mat.  We have a place for you to put your clothing out of harms (wax's) way. For your privacy, your waxer will LEAVE the room momentarily while you change, take a deep breath and convince yourself that you are really about to do this! 

Step 3 - Ready, Set, Wax! 

Once you are set, you waxer will come back into the rooms, WASH her hands and put on gloves (for your safety!)  The area to be waxed with be cleaned with an antiseptic wipe and voila--you are ready for the first application of wax. The warm wax (never too hot to burn) is applied to the hair, usually the section just below the belly button.  A strip of muslin is placed over this wax and then, with your help in pulling the skin taut (it hurts less) the strip is removed, the wax is removed ,the hair is removed.  

Step 4 - Reaction to the First Wax Strip 

You will sigh a big sigh of relief because: 
a) it didn't hurt as bad as you thought it would and
b) you will be fascinated by the hairless smooth patch of skin you see and 
c) you didn't pass out, scream, yell or hit your waxer like you thought you might! 

Meanwhile, your humble waxer ( all of us female by the way)will wipe the sweat from her brow- as we never know what might happen with our nervous clients once that first wax is removed --- a scream, a grab at the hand, a punch to the jaw....just kidding. 

So we move on.  

Step 5 - See you on the Flip Side 

We do much of the front area and then ask you to turn onto your side with knees in the fetal position.  Unlike other salons, we don't ask you to put your rear in the air or get onto your hands and knees! That is just a little too embarrassing for you and not only that, it's hard on the arms.  We like to say in our salons that the downward dog position is for yoga only, not waxing. 

The back area takes a quick minute and by this time, we know the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend, what you got for Christmas, what you didn't get that you wanted and just like that, we are finished. 

Step 6 - Detailing 

However, before we are completely, finally, totally finished and ready to leave the room finished...we will make sure your wax is perfect and take the time to remove any tiny left over hairs with our tweezers.  We do adhere to a "no hair left behind" policy.  Can't take credit for that line, as G W Bush said it first, although we substituted the word children for hair! 

Step 7 - 15 Minutes from Start to Finish & You're Done 

At this point in time, you are in awe that we finished your whole brazilian wax and it took, what ... 15 minutes or so?  We've been chatting and talking the whole time and you've just made a new friend.  Of course, we are thrilled that we have a new client and that you love your wax. Your waxing session is over and we will leave you with a cool clean towel just in case you feel a "sticky" that we missed! We leave you to your privacy to get dressed. As you dress...you should be feeling a sense of elation.  By George, you did it.  Cross one of the bucket list! 

Step 8 - Tell Your Friends 

We know you want to shout out to the whole world about your brazilian wax, so be our guests.  Refer a friend who waxes before your next appointment and enjoy 10 % off your wax.  Tell two friends and enjoy 20%.   

 We have contests, drawings and deals for our Facebook friends and those who follow us on instagram @waxmetoosalons

So, it didn't kill ya!  You lived to tell the tale to all of your friends and have kissed your razor goodbye (and good riddance)  and are looking forward to one month of hair-free. 

By the time you leave, you will be fully educated on how best to care for your newly waxed skin.  You will be reassured that should you have any questions about your waxing treatment that you may call us!  

So, what are you waiting for?  Schedule Your First Brazilian Wax!


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