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The London Brow Experience

Brow Lamination

Elevate your brow game as this brow design is engineered to give you a polished look that will last for weeks. 

  • Your brows will look styled and groomed to perfection.
  • If your brows are sparse or thin, you’ll be able to have them filled in, elongated, and looking thicker with just one appointment.
  • For thicker, unruly brows, you’ll get those hairs trimmed and tamed, so you don’t have anything distracting from your natural beauty–only enhancing it.
  • Overall, when you style brows with lamination, you’ll have slick, shiny brows that don’t need any effort to look amazing.

Made with:

  • Keratin Shield System
  • Bond Rebuilding System
  • Intensive Skin Protection
  • Anti Redness formulation
  • Vegan plant-based
  • non-GMO
  • gluten-free
  • cruelty free
  • sulfate/silicone free
  • ammonia free
  • Low Ph level

We have researched far and wide to find the best products on the planet.  We landed at The London Brow Company! Their products are vegan and cruelty-free- in addition, with every order, a tree is planted!  They are superior in every way which makes them the best product for you, our clients!

We are pleased to offer 2 new services

Henna brow tints  & Brow Lamination

Henna Brow Tints

Henna is a longer lasting alternative to the normal brow tints out there. It will stain the skin as well as the hairs so is ideal for filling in gaps in your brows. It's a wonderful way to try out a new brow shape before committing to permanent brows.

How long do henna brows last and how do you maintain them?

  • Henna results can vary on each individual as its dependant on the clients skin type but results normally last between 5 - 20 days on skin and 6 - 8  weeks on hair. A dryer complexion will normally last longer than a client who has an oily complexion. You can purchase or advise your clients to use Brow Conditioners or oils to help maintain the brow for a longer period and it's important to not over wash or scrub the eyebrow area. 

What's the difference between eyebrow tint and henna?

  • Henna tint penetrates deeper into the hair follicle, Making the colour  last longer than a regular eyebrow tint and deeper staining to the skin under the eyebrow. A normal tint will last up to 4 weeks where henna can last up to 8 weeks.

Do henna brows look natural?

  • Henna Brows are a great way to get natural looking brows every day. Little work is required between treatments apart from a tidy up of stray brow hairs. No more pencils or powders, just great everyday brows.

We choose London Brow company as their henna is Infused with Indian Gooseberry for its powerful hair growth and strengthening properties and Shikakai meaning 'fruit for hair' for shine and protection, both trusted through centuries of Ayurveda medicine.  

  • The henna is Ammonia and Resorcinol Free
  • The tint remover is natural, free from toxins, synthetics and harsh chemicals 

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